Getting Started

Let's create a new Nitro app!

🏀 Online playground on StackBlitz

Create an empty directory nitro-app

mkdir nitro-appcd nitro-app

Create routes/index.ts:

export default defineEventHandler(() => 'nitro is amazing!')

Start development server:

npx nitropack dev

🪄 Your API is ready at http://localhost:3000/

Tip: Check .nitro/dev/index.mjs if want to know what is happening

You can now build your production-ready server:

npx nitropack build

Output is in the .output directory and ready to be deployed on almost any VPS with no dependencies. You can locally try it too:

node .output/server/index.mjs

You can add nitropack using your package manager now:

# npmnpm i -D nitropack# yarnyarn add -D nitropack# pnpmpnpm i -D nitropack