⚗️ Nitro

Build and Deploy Universal JavaScript Servers

 $ npx tiged unjs/nitro#starter
 $ npx nitropack dev
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Rapid Development

Zero config setup with hot module replacement



Deploy same codebase to any provider without extra config


Portable and Compact

Say goodbye to node_modules


Filesystem Routing

Automatically registers Server and API routes


Minimal Design

Minimal design to fit into any solution with minimum overhead



Async chunk loading for fast server startup time



TypeScript support out of the box with few more goodies


Storage Layer

Multi driver and platform-agnostic storage system


Cache API

Powerful built-in caching API



Built to be customized

Auto Imports

Automatically import utilities for the lazy folks and a minimal codebase


Backward compatible

Best-effort compatibility for using legacy npm packages, CommonJS and mocking Node.js modules for workers