⚗️ Nitro

Build and Deploy Universal JavaScript Servers

🐇 Rapid Development

Zero config setup with hot module replacement

😌 Multi-Provider

Deploy same codebase to any provider without extra config

💼 Portable and Compact

Say goodbye to node_modules

📁 Filesystem Routing

Automatically registers Server and API routes

🤏 Minimal Design

Minimal design to fit into any solution with minimum overhead

🚀 Code-Splitting

Async chunk loading for fast server startup time

👕 TypeScript

TypeScript support out of the box with few more goodies

💾 Storage Layer

Multi driver and platform-agnostic storage system

💰 Cache API

Powerful built-in caching API

🐱 Hackable

Built to be customized

✨ Auto Imports

Automatically import utilities for the lazy folks and a minimal codebase

🏛️ Backward compatible

Best-effort compatibility for using legacy npm packages, CommonJS and mocking Node.js modules for workers

MIT Licensed | Made by 💛 as part of the UnJS ecosystem